A photographer based in surrey with a passion for exploration and adventure. 

born in woking, united kingdom. i shortly after moved to a small island in florida. my earliest memories whilst living here were of skim boarding on the beach, diving for sand dollars, fishing, hunting for shark teeth and skateboarding at the local park. i was lucky enough to have all of this right on my door step and it was here where my curiosity for exploration and adventure first started.


in the year of 2006 i moved back to the united kingdom where i then started to spend a lot more of my time going on camping trips with friends and exploring local woodland. in 2010 at the age of 14 is when i picked up my first camera, where i would document times spent in the woods and of friends skateboarding, bmxing and rollerblading. 

years later I went on to study photography at college but, at this time taking photos still very much seemed like a hobby which i would enjoy doing on and off.

it wasnt until 2015 when i took my first big hiking trip to the lake district where i was introduced to vast landscapes and dramatic weather conditions. it was nothing like i had experienced before. i remember being stunned at the images i was creating and how intense the atmosphere was. the once before hobby had drastically changed into a passion. the love for adventure had met photography. 

since then ive gone on more trips to the lake district, wales, dorset, devon and cornwall.  

to me photography isn't just about taking the shot its about capturing the immersive experience of being in the landscape.