I'm a photographer based in the Surrey hills focusing on capturing the outdoors, adventure, lifestyle, mountain biking and generally any other activity that gets your heart racing. 

My passion has always been exploring the great outdoors which I am regularly out in, experiencing and interacting with nature.

When I'm not hiking through woodlands, trekking up coastal paths or mountain sides. I'm also an avid skateboarder/longboarder making use of the steep hillside roads the Surrey hills has to offer.

This is where my love for adrenaline fuelled sports came from. I have as much fun being involved with it as I do photographing it. 


Using natural light when I can and not letting harsh conditions get in the way, my mission is to capture people in action all whilst telling a story through the landscape surrounding them.

Based in, Surrey with the interest of exploring, nationally and internationally if you have a brand, product, person or event that needs media attention then drop us a line!

You can reach me by email, Darkejoephotography@gmail.com or feel free to fill out the contact form on site.